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Ujamaa Village is creating healthy sustainable human habitats for Black people through establishing and developing modern day "Africa Towns" that are "Green" and designed to be ecologically effective in regenerating the Black community. Essentially it is a cultural restoration project.

​The Books

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Got Reparations?
21 Questions
21 Answers 

By Menhuam Ayele


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Together, we can transform the Black community by looking at sustainable living, green technology and ecological design to provide a framework of reference for our cultural restoration.

Going Green 101

       Being aware of what is Green, Eco, or Sustainable is fundamental to understanding how this emerging sector of the economy will impact the future of business,politics,economics and history.

*Education / Awareness

*Hands on workshops in farming, sustainable community development, green business development

* Cultural Regeneration through "Sankofa"

Black Town  Heritage   Restoration


     There is a rich legacy of thriving Black Town establishments here in the United States all over the country in several states. Allensworth, Tulsa Oklahoma, Pineywoods, Rosewood, and more BlackTowns all over. These were actual towns that had multiple businesses and industries which employed Black people and provided wealth building opprotunities to build community.

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